KY K-PREP 8th Grade Social Studies Part A

KY K-PREP 8th Grade Social Studies Part A Sample

1 pt Chapter: 1 Standard: SS-08-1.1.1 DOK: 1

The United States government is an example of

1 pt Chapter: 8 Standard: SS-08-5.2.2 DOK: 3

A colonial leader at the First Continental Congress who believed in the rights of citizens could trace his beliefs to

1 pt Chapter: 3 Standard: SS-08-2.1.1 DOK: 2

In much of southern Louisiana, French and Spanish architecture is very common and Cajuns speak a form of Americanized French known as Creole. These are examples of

1 pt Chapter: 6 Standard: SS-08-4.2.1 DOK: 2

Which of the following is an example of how human beings modify their environment?

1 pt Chapter: 7 Standard: SS-08-5.2.1 DOK: 2

Which of the following helped lead to the "Great Convergence"?