South Carolina US History & Constitution Chapter 3 Review

South Carolina US History & Constitution Chapter 3 Review Sample

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Fill in the chart below. Sectional Differences during the war of 1812


New England

South and West

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War hurt economy

we need to stop British from encouraging the Indians.

We need to get the American Indians off our land

Britain is our special trading partner

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What were the two parties by the end of Washington’s second term?

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Which of the following does not belong in the chart above.


Read the source to answer the question.

The power of creating new funds upon new objects of taxation by its own authority, would enable the national government to borrow, as far as its necessities might require. Foreigners as well as the citizens of America, could then reasonably repose confidence in its engagements. -- Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist No. 30

Hamilton would later use this argument to support

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Read the source and answer the question.

  • "… at the tops of these hills the country breaks … into a fine level plain extending as far as the eye can reach. from this plane I had an extensive view of the river...and creek...this scenery already rich pleasing and beautiful, was still farther heightened by immense herds of Buffalo deer Elk and Antelopes which we saw in every direction feeding on the hills and plains. I do not think I exaggerate when I estimate the number of Buffalo… at one view to amount to 3000." -- Meriwether Lewis, 1804*

Explain how the description written by Lewis would inspire people to migrate out West.