TCAP Success Grade 7 Social Studies Chapter 7

TCAP Success Grade 7 Social Studies Chapter 7 Sample

1 pt

What type of clothing did American Indians prefer?

1 pt

Study the list below and answer the question.

  • jade
  • prisoners of war
  • cacao beans
  • cotton

The best title for this list would be


Read the source and answer the question.

These peoples have neither King nor absolute Prince, but certain chiefs, like the heads of a Republic whom we call Captains, – different, however, from those in war. These hold office commonly by succession on the side of the women, sometimes by election. They assume office at the death of a predecessor. . . his is celebrated with certain ceremonies.

predecessor – someone who has held a position before the current holder of the position

What type of American Indian government does this quote describe?

1 pt

Look at the picture and answer the question.

What type of game would ball players have played on this court?

1 pt

What was one reason the Mandans built earth lodges?