TCAP Success Grade 7 Social Studies Chapter 8

TCAP Success Grade 7 Social Studies Chapter 8 Sample

1 pt

How did smallpox reach the Incan Empire?

1 pt

Read the source and answer the question.

The second voyage of Jacques Cartier, undertaken in the years 1535 and 1536, is the exploit on which his title to fame chiefly rests. In this voyage he discovered the river St Lawrence, visited the site of the present city of Quebec, and. . . was enabled to view from the summit of Mount Royal the imposing panorama of plain and river and mountain which marks the junction of the St Lawrence and the Ottawa. He brought back. . . the rumor of great countries still to be discovered to the west, of vast lakes and rivers reaching so far inland that no man could say from what source they sprang, and the legend of a region rich with gold and silver that should rival the territory laid at the feet of Spain by the conquests of Cortez. . .

Jacques Cartier was working for the

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Cartier was trying to find

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Why did Spain give up on further exploration of the New World?

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Look at the map and answer the question.

The map shows the route of ___ when he circumnavigated the globe.