TCAP Success Grade 8 Social Studies Chapter 6

TCAP Success Grade 8 Social Studies Chapter 6 Sample

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Arthur is a representative to Congress in 1812. He supports war with Great Britain because he wants to stop resistance to expansion on the western frontier. Arthur most likely represents citizens

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Read the source and answer the question.

Our trade to Portugal, Spain, and the Mediterranean is annihilated unless we do something decisive. Tribute or war is the usual alternative… If we yield the former, it will require sums which our people will feel. Why not begin a navy then and decide on war? We cannot begin in a better cause nor against a weaker foe.

– Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson was discussing


Prior to Lewis and Clark, many US citizens viewed the land west of the Mississippi as

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What did William Marbury want?

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Look at the map and answer the question.

Which region was affected by the Convention of 1818?


As a result of the War of 1812, US manufacturing