TCAP Success Grade 8 Social Studies Chapter 11

TCAP Success Grade 8 Social Studies Chapter 11 Sample

1 pt

A white, southern Democrat in 1877 would have been most supportive of

1 pt

What group of white Southerners supported Reconstruction?


Read the letter from a Union soldier below and answer the next question.

Slavery is not only a curse to the nation but also a curse to the states… a curse to the owners themselves and some I have found candid enough to acknowledge it, were slavery abolished, free labor and Yankee enterprise encouraged, how soon would the south become more as the prosperous north.

– John P. Jones

What did this soldier believe would help the South become prosperous like the North?

1 pt

Look at the chart and answer the question.

Tennessee Senator

  • Former Slave Owner
  • Democrat
  • Sympathized with the South

This chart describes

1 pt

What laws restricted the rights of African Americans after Reconstruction ended?