North Carolina 7th Grade Math EOG Chapter 12

North Carolina 7th Grade Math EOG Chapter 12 Sample

1 pt

There are 10 boys and 12 girls in a class. If one student is selected at random from the class, what is the probability it is a girl?

1 pt

In problem number 3, what is the probability the cat will not grab an orange fish?

1 pt

Carrie bought a large basket of 60 apples. When she got them home, she found 4 of the apples were rotten. If she goes back and buys 200 more apples, about how many rotten apples should she expect?

1 pt

Sarah has a bag of 100 marbles. 40 are blue, 40 are green, and 20 are purple. What is the probability of Sarah picking a purple marble, without looking, on the first try?

1 pt

The Toy Tractor Company has trouble with the wheels coming off some of the toys. A random sample of 60 toys find that the wheels fell off 12 of the toys. It has produced 640 of these toys. About how many of them could they expect to find defective wheels?