TCAP Success Grade 2 ELA Chapter 6

TCAP Success Grade 2 ELA Chapter 6 Sample

Directions: Read the poem, and answer the questions.


Do I really like being me?

Is there anyone else I would rather be?

I like to draw and read.

I can run with a lot of

I am a good friend.

I will be there at the end.

Spend time with me,

And you will see:

I really do like being me.

1 pt

What does the speaker like to do?

1 pt

What word would best fill in the blank?

1 pt

You can tell that the speaker of this poem

Out the Window

I looked out of my window And what did I see Three ladies with doggies Looking at me.

5 Their faces were red with that special blush powder Looking like cheeks With red springtime flowers.

The doggies were happy 10 Bark barking away Their well-brushed fur Shined a gleamy blue-gray

Four little birds Came close to my window 15 One of them looked like A blue flying pillow

The other three Were as happy as can be All flying to get to 20 The top of a tree

My neighbors were tapping Tap tapping today Their satellite dish Got up and ran away.

25 They were fixing it, fixing it By turns and turns The sweat on their faces Told me they had burns

The construction man 30 Kept the jackhammer in place The sounds of the pounds Could be heard up in space

The three stars I could see Later that evening 35 Looked like three little specks Shining down next to me

While the sun was down In the city at night I looked at the shadows 40 made by our street lights.

The police on their bikes Coming by our street side I feel very safe I’m glad they do ride.

45 I like our apartment So close to the sights Outside of my window By day and by nights.


Which verses show personification?