LEAP 2025 Math Grade 3 Post Test

LEAP 2025 Math Grade 3 Post Test Sample

1 pt

Annie opened her piggy bank to count her money. She had 1 five dollar bill, 3 one dollar bills, 5 quarters, 7 nickels, and 18 pennies. How much money does she have in all?

1 pt

Which expression could be used to find the value of 299 + 784?

1 pt

Which three fractions are equal to a whole number.

1 pt

Chris and Dora each bought one pencil. Their pencils were the same size. After one month, Chris had 13 of his pencil left. Dora had 14 of her pencil left.

Which number sentence correctly compares the amount of pencil Chris had left to the amount Dora had left?