TCAP Success Grade 2 ELA Chapter 9

TCAP Success Grade 2 ELA Chapter 9 Sample

Gardening with Grandpa

Grandpa grows plants in his garden. He has strawberries and peas. He has roses and melons. There is even a plant that smells bad. It smells like a monster’s toothbrush. I stay away from that plant.

Grandpa showed me how to garden. It’s not very hard. It’s fun. One part of the garden is mine. I have a tomato plant. I also have a green pepper plant. It’s my job to take care of them. I water them. And, I pull weeds out of the dirt. Weeds grow so fast. Weeds could hurt my plants.

My tomatoes and peppers are ripe. They are ready to eat. We take them inside. We cut them up and put them in a big bowl. We add onions and a little hot sauce. We just made salsa! My cousins all try it. Everyone loves it.

1 pt

What is one way to help a plant live?

1 pt

What would happen if nobody pulled weeds?

1 pt

He showed me how to garden.

When did Grandpa show the author how to garden?


What is the main idea of the story?

1 pt

Which sentence is made up?