TCAP Success Grade 2 ELA Chapter 10

TCAP Success Grade 2 ELA Chapter 10 Sample

Jean Watches the Door

A Cajun Folktale, Part 1

Jean’s mom was going out shopping.

"Jean," she said, "You’re a teenager now. I have a task for you. I want you to take care of the house. Watch the door." "Yes, Mama," Jean said.

Jean’s mom left. She was gone a very long time.

Jean got worried. He wanted to look for her.

But he had promised to watch the door.

So Jean took the door off its hinges. He put it on his back while he went to look for his mother.

1 pt

Why does Jean’s mom ask him to watch the door?

1 pt

What causes Jean to get worried?

1 pt

Jean’s mom asks him to watch the door. He does not understand what she means. What does this cause Jean to do?

Jean and the Robbers

A Cajun Folktale, Part 2

Jean was looking for his mom. He saw a gang of robbers coming down the road.

Jean was scared. He tried to hide. He carried his door up a tree. But the robbers stood beneath the tree!

They sat down to count their money. One robber said to the others, "This money is for you."

"And, this money is for you."

"And the rest is for me," Jean cried.

"Who said that?" said a robber. He looked all around but did not see Jean in the tree.

Jean was so scared he began to shake. He shook so hard he dropped the door.

"The tree is throwing doors at us!" yelled one of the robbers. They were so scared that they ran away.

Jean climbed down and took his door home. His mom was home. She was very confused.


Seeing the robbers causes Jean to

1 pt

Why does Jean drop his door?