TCAP Success Grade 2 ELA Pre Test

TCAP Success Grade 2 ELA Pre Test Sample

Directions: Wait. Listen as the Teacher reads "Little Red Riding Hood." Then answer questions 1–8.

Teacher: the passage "The Dancing Monkeys" is in the Teacher’s Guide.

Little Red Riding Hood adapted from the folktale by the Brothers Grimm

1 pt

Why does Little Red Riding Hood get into trouble?

1 pt

What does the picture of Little Red Riding Hood tell you about her?

1 pt

What best describes the lesson to learn from this story?

1 pt

What best describes where the story takes place?

1 pt

From the story, you can tell that

Directions: Questions 25 through 30 are based on the following passage.

The Fox and the Stork

Narrator: Once upon a time there was a Fox and a Stork who were very good friends. One day the Fox invited the Stork to dinner.

[Narrator stands on one side of the stage.]

Fox: Would you like to come to dinner?

Stork: Sure. What will you cook?

Fox: It will be a surprise!

Stork: What day and time shall I come?

Fox: How about tomorrow night at seven?

Stork: That sounds good. See you tomorrow.

[Stork waves and flies away.]

Fox: See you… and be on time!

Stork: I will!

[Lights go down. Then they come back up. A night has passed.]

Narrator: The next night, the Stork came to the Fox’s house. The Fox served soup in a shallow dish.

Stork: I cannot eat this soup. My beak is too long for this dish.

Fox: Oops! More for me then!

Narrator: And so the Fox drank all the soup himself. The Stork was very sad that the Fox was not sorry at all. The Stork left without saying another word.

[Lights go down. Then they come back up. Another night has passed.

Stork: Hello, Fox. Would you like to come to dinner tonight?

Fox: Yes, thank you.

Narrator: Later, when the Fox came to the Stork’s house, he saw a tall jar with a tiny opening at the top. The Fox got very angry.

Fox: That is not fair! I can’t have any of the soup! My nose is too short! You are a bad friend!

Stork: No, I am not, Fox. I only did what you did to me.

Fox: I see. I am sorry.

Narrator: That day, the Fox learned an important lesson: Do not play tricks on your friends if you cannot stand to be tricked yourself.