LEAP 2025 Math Grade 4 Post Test

LEAP 2025 Math Grade 4 Post Test Sample

1 pt

Derek has $15.00. He wants to buy as many baseballs as he can. Each baseball costs $4.00. How many baseballs can he buy and how much money does he have left?

1 pt

Jake and Marla are coloring 12 boiled eggs. Jake colors 312 of the eggs. Marla colors 412 of the eggs. What fraction of the eggs have not been colored?

1 pt

Lawrence practiced his guitar for 34 of an hour on 11 different days.

What was the total amount of time Lawrence practiced his guitar on the 11 different days?

1 pt

A grapefruit weighs 25 of a pound. Which decimal is equal to the weight, in pounds, of the grapefruit?