LEAP 2025 Math Grade 5 Chapter 4

LEAP 2025 Math Grade 5 Chapter 4 Sample

1 pt

Katie bought 4 different yarns for $2.79 each, including tax. She made 8 scarves and sold them to her friends for $6.00 each. How much profit did Katie make on the 8 scarves? Profit equals the money she received from the sale of the scarves minus the amount of money she paid for the 4 different yarns.

1 pt

Use the expression 0.4 ÷ 8 and the unit grid to answer the question.

What is the value of the expression?

1 pt

Which expression shows one way to solve the equation 0.31 × 4.2?

1 pt

Kenneth bought $18.57 of supplies to make birdhouses to sell to neighbors. He sold all the birdhouses he made according to the table below.

How much profit did Kenneth make? Profit is the money received for sales minus the cost of materials.