LEAP 2025 Math Grade 5 Chapter 7

LEAP 2025 Math Grade 5 Chapter 7 Sample

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Martin makes sandwiches for his family. He has 32 ounces of sandwich meat. If he makes 12 sandwiches, which expression is equal to the fraction of the number of ounces of meat Martin put in each sandwich?

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A box of 10 fruit flavored ice treats came with 15 cherry flavored. If the box is divided into 2 parts with the same flavors in each part, what fraction of each part is cherry flavored?

Express your answer in simplest form.

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There are 710 of a pound of grapes left. Three sisters decide to divide the grapes evenly among them, each receiving 13 of the grapes. Lydia gives 14 of her share to her friend, Sandy. What fraction of a pound of grapes did Sandy receive?