GA 9th Grade Literature and Composition Part I

GA 9th Grade Literature and Composition Part I Sample

1 pt Chapter: 4 Standard: RL 6 DOK: 2

Read the following passage. Then answer the questions that follow it.

My Family’s Special Holiday Treats

When holidays are approaching, one of the traditions that many families enjoy is the baking and cooking of various holiday treats. In every country and every culture, there are special foods associated with various holidays and celebrations. Many holidays are centered around religious celebrations. Other holidays are specific to a particular country. Americans really enjoy the celebration of Independence Day—the 4th of July—but in England, it’s just another day.

In my family, the 4th of July is a day for an all-day picnic with family and friends. A backyard cookout or barbecue is a great way to celebrate. Most of the foods are not exclusive to the holiday; we like to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and the usual picnic trimmings all year long. My family, though, has a special tradition—we make homemade ice cream. It is usually the only time during the year that we do that.

In the Christian culture, Christmas is probably the biggest holiday of the year. It is a time that my family and friends gather and enjoy each other’s company along with some special foods that we only eat during the holidays. Each of my aunts and cousins seems to have a specialty! Eggnog is popular with the grownups and usually is only seen at Christmas. Certain types of cookies and desserts are only made during Christmastime as a special treat for the family parties. The best Christmas cookies are the rolled sugar cookies that are cut out with shaped cutters and decorated with colored frostings and sugar decorations. Some people prefer the elaborate cakes and desserts that cooks will spend lots of time on.

One of my favorite aunts makes fudge and other candy that is out of this world. It is really delicious, but a little goes a long way. Another of my aunts is Greek, so she makes stuffed grape leaves and baklava, items that I see only at Christmas. My older brother is now the grill king of the family. No matter what the weather, he is outside basting and turning until he has perfectly barbecued ribs. And I can’t forget Uncle John he is the master of pies. No one in any family anywhere can match his delicious pies. No one else in our family would even think of baking a pie for a family party; that is strictly his domain.

I’ll bet your family has traditions, too, and I’m guessing that some of them include holiday food!

1. The passage is designed to

1 pt Chapter: 10 Standard: W 4 DOK: 3

If the author added more to this passage, it would MOST likely

1 pt Chapter: 2 Standard: RL 1 DOK: 2

Based on the information in the passage, you can tell that the author

1 pt Chapter: 12 Standard: L 2.a DOK: 2

Read the following sentence from the passage.

And I can’t forget Uncle John he is the master of pies.
A better way to punctuate this sentence would be which of the following?

1 pt Chapter: 14 Standard: SL 4 DOK: 3

To what audience does the author appeal by repeatedly referring to his family’s traditions?