South Carolina Biology EOCEP Chapter 1

South Carolina Biology EOCEP Chapter 1 Sample

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Use the following scenario to answer questions 1–2.

A student sitting at a lab computer was surprised by the explosion of a chemical waste bottle. Nitric acid and shards of glass were sprayed all over the lab. The day before, 2 L of nitric acid waste had been added to a chemical waste bottle, which originally contained methanol. Nitric acid reacts violently with most organics, like methanol. Over the course of 12–16 hours, it is likely that some leftover methanol reacted with the nitric acid waste and created enough carbon dioxide to over pressurize the container.

Which of the following actions would have been a reasonable way to prevent the accident?

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What does this scenario emphasize?

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Graduated cylinders are marked in units of

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How is a broken glass beaker discarded?

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Anthony draws 2 mL of a water sample into a glass pipet. If he wants to culture the growth of microorganisms in the water, what basic piece(s) of equipment does he need?