TCAP Success Grade 8 Science Pre Test

TCAP Success Grade 8 Science Pre Test Sample

1 pt Standard: 8.PS2.4 DOK: 2

Select the situation that will result in the greatest gravitational force between two bodies.

1 pt Standard: 8.PS4.1 DOK: 2

ROYGBIV describes the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, with red light (R) at one end and violet light (V) at the other. Which of the following statements is true?

1 pt Standard: 8.LS4.1 DOK: 2

What type of fossil forms when minerals soak into buried remains and turns them into rock?

1 pt Standard: 8.PS4.2 DOK: 2

Which wave interaction is characterized by a wave bending in response to a change in speed?

1 pt Standard: 8.PS2.3 DOK: 2

What is not a force acting on the car driving down the road?

1 pt Standard: 8.ESS2.5 DOK: 2

Which of the following is an example of a destructive process on earth’s surface?

1 pt Standard: 8.PS4.1 DOK: 2

What is the top of a wave?

1 pt Standard: 8.PS4.1 DOK: 2

When Emily starts the wave at the football game, in science terms she is starting a

1 pt Standard: 8.ESS1.2 DOK: 2

Which lettered line on the diagram best represents the result of the Sun’s and the Earth’s gravitational interaction?

1 pt Standard: 8.LS4.3 DOK: 2

A particular order of birds, called Struthioniformes, is a group of ground dwelling birds with large legs and no keel bone. Both the ostrich and emu are members of this order. The ostrich, living on the African plains is a large bird with only two toes. The emu living in New Guinea (an island) is a smaller bird with three toes. Genetic evidence suggests these two birds come from a common ancestor. Which factor listed below most likely caused the ostrich to have two toes and the emu to have three toes?