TCAP Success Grade 8 Science Post Test

TCAP Success Grade 8 Science Post Test Sample

1 pt Standard: 8.PS2.1 DOK: 2

No-battery flashlights are often included in emergency kits. Humans must shake the flashlight to make the bar magnet pass through a wire coil. What is generated when the flashlight is shaken?

1 pt Standard: 8.ESS1.1 DOK: 2

Interstellar medium (ISM) is/are

1 pt

Earth moves in an elliptical path around the sun. Despite its smaller size, the Moon is more responsible for the regularity of Earth’s rotational movement. Which statement best explains this phenomena?

1 pt Standard: 8.ESS2.4 DOK: 2

As a geologist, you notice that several cracks have appeared in the ground around a volcano. Your friend, a seismologist, tells you about several small earthquakes happening around the volcano. What event is likely to happen?

1 pt Standard: 8.PS2.3 DOK: 2

According to Newton’s second law of motion, if the force acting on an object stays the same but the mass of the object increases, then acceleration will

1 pt Standard: 8.LS4.1 DOK: 2

If you found a number of fossils in several layers of sedimentary rock, which dating technique would you [B]most likely[/B] use to determine the relative age of each fossil?

1 pt Standard: 8.PS4.1 DOK: 2

The speed of a light wave is dependent on

1 pt Standard: 8.ETS1.2 DOK: 2

Atmospheric transmission uses what type of wave?

1 pt Standard: 8.LS4.1 DOK: 2

The fossil record shows Tennessee was home to what type of dinosaur?

1 pt Standard: 8.LS4.3 DOK: 3

Plants use a covering called a cuticle to protect against temperature extremes. However, thick cuticles also block sunlight. The graph below shows how cuticle thickness interacts with environmental conditions.

In an environment with a climate that is growing warmer, plants with what type of cuticle would have a greater chance of survival?