TCAP Success Grade 3 ELA Chapter 3

TCAP Success Grade 3 ELA Chapter 3 Sample

1 pt

When was Abraham Lincoln born?

1 pt

Which number president did Lincoln grow up to become?

1 pt

What did Lincoln want to be when he grew up?


Why did Abe stop going to school?

Rocking Out!

Are you looking for a fun, inexpensive hobby? Well, next time you are outdoors, just look down. You might find your next hobby right under your feet. Becoming a rock collector is easy. Make sure to bring a paintbrush to brush off dirt and a plastic bag to put in the rocks you want to collect. Rock collectors should also buy a rock and mineral book that will help you identify your rocks.

Rocks are all over the place. They are so plentiful you might take them for granted. But they are important to scientists. Rock scientists are called geologists. They learn much about the earth by studying rocks and rock formations.

Rocks form in different ways. The forms they take tell geologists important things about the earth. Some rocks form from volcanic heat. Other rocks form from tiny, sandy grains that collect together and then become solid. The different kinds of rocks tell us how the land was formed, long before people were there.

1 pt

According to the passage, what are geologists?