TCAP Success Grade 3 ELA Chapter 5

TCAP Success Grade 3 ELA Chapter 5 Sample

1 pt

To find out how to say the word delicious, where should a student look?

Pete’s school was having a bake sale. His mom made cupcakes for it. She brought them in and put them on the table with the rest of the goodies. There were cookies and cakes. The little chocolate candies looked yummy. Someone had even made colorful lollipops.

Pete had a dollar to spend. He bought two cookies and some candy. He figured he didn’t need to buy a cupcake, since his mom had saved a couple for him when she baked. He looked forward to eating all his yummy purchases.

1 pt

In paragraph 1, what is a better word for yummy?

Say that you looked up the word figured and found the following definitions.


1. added up numbers

2. made a diagram

3. thought about or concluded

4. appeared in a prominent way

1 pt

Which definition best fits figured as it is used in paragraph 2 of the passage?


Use this dictionary entry to answer question 5

shriek (shreek) n. 1 a sharp, loud cry

v. 2 to cry out sharply (She began to shriek in fear.)

Which sentence uses shriek correctly?

Travis the Turtle

Travis the Turtle walked down the lane, searching up and down. He got turned around and wondered where he was. He staggered when he walked on uneven ground. His feet were sore from all the walking he was doing. He was crying a little because he was scared and tired. Where was the corner of the field that he knew? Where was the path that led to his house?

1 pt

Using context clues from the passage, what does the word staggered mean?