TCAP Success Grade 3 ELA Chapter 6

TCAP Success Grade 3 ELA Chapter 6 Sample

Read each sentence. Then write the plural form of the irregular noun in parentheses and write it on the line.

Example: Red, juicy cherries are my favorite fruit. (cherry)

1 pt

Read the sentences. Then, select if the underlined verb is in present, past, or future tense.

Sheryl played with her dog.

1 pt

Harry will go fishing with Bob tomorrow.

1 pt

Leslie sings in the choir.

1 pt

Select the correct past tense for each verb.

forget | Some students (forgotted, forgot) their lunches.

1 pt

hide | Jan (hid, hidded) the present in the closet.

1 pt

fly | Patrick (flew, flewed) on an airplane for the first time today.