TCAP Success Grade 3 ELA Pretest

TCAP Success Grade 3 ELA Pretest Sample

Read the passages and answer the questions that follow.

Walks-the-Sky and Walking-Early from a Native American folktale

1 A chief ruled the sky. His two sons, Walks-the-Sky and Walking-Early, helped him. Life was very peaceful for the people of the Earth. However, the sky had no light, so everyone had to live in darkness. Walks-the-Sky looked down at the somber world. He thought about how beautiful it would be if it had light. The people of Earth would be so happy. He decided to do something about it.

2 He made a mask of cedar wood and placed it over his face. Then, he lit the mask on fire and walked across the sky to the west. As he walked, flames shot from his mask and brought light to the Earth. He started running, and the flames grew brighter. He looked down and saw the people of the Earth celebrating the light. He knew that he had given them a great gift. After running across the entire sky, Walks-the-Sky fell asleep. As he snored, sparks flew out of his mouth and turned into stars.

3 The older brother, Walking-Early, wanted to help the people too. He rubbed charcoal and fat on his face. With his face shining, he began walking west. Walking-Early wanted to shed some light over the world too, except this light was softer.

4 The people were happy to have a little bit of light with them while the younger brother slept. The world was never again dark. All the people of the Earth praised the chief’s children for bringing the sun, moon, and stars to the world.

1 pt

The following item has two parts. Answer Part A and then answer Part B.

What is the meaning of somber as it used in paragraph 1?

1 pt

Which sentence from the folktale helps the reader understand the meaning of somber?

1 pt

What does Walks-the-Sky give to the people of Earth?

1 pt

What event does this folktale describe?

1 pt

Which detail explains why the chief’s son wants to give light to the Earth?