KY K-PREP 5th Grade Social Studies Part C

KY K-PREP 5th Grade Social Studies Part C Sample

1 pt Standard: SS-05-5.2.1 DOK: 3

Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense is best described as

1 pt Standard: SS-05-2.1.1 DOK: 2

Immigration and migration lead to which of the following?

1 pt Standard: SS-05-5.2.4 DOK: 1

In 1898, the United States acquired new territories when it defeated which country in a war?

1 pt Standard: SS-05-4.1.2 DOK: 2

Which city on the map is located *closest to 30°N, 90°W?

1 pt Standard: SS-05-4.4.1 DOK: 2

Kentucky is fortunate to be located at the intersection of two major rivers, the Ohio and the Mississippi. Describe two ways in which proximity to these rivers has been helpful to residents of Kentucky.