GA CCGPS Coordinate Algebra Part 1

GA CCGPS Coordinate Algebra Part 1 Sample

1 pt Chapter: 5 Standard: A.REI.1 DOK: 2

Sally picks any number between 1 and 20, doubles it, adds 6, divides by 2, subtracts 3 and gets the number she started with. Why does this work?

1 pt Chapter: 5 Standard: A.CED.1 DOK: 2

Solve the compound inequality: 32x+15.

1 pt Chapter: 6 Standard: A.CED.4 DOK: 2

The monthly cost of Marilyn's cell phone is represented by the formula P(x) = 0.1x + $89.50. This equation expresses the total cell phone charges, with x representing the total number of text messages. Marilyn knows the monthly cost of her cell phone and wants to find the number of text messages. Which equation should Marilyn use to find the number of text messages?

1 pt Chapter: 9 Standard: F.BF.3 DOK: 2

What is the difference between the graphs of f(x)= 2 x 2 and g(x)= 2 x2 ?

1 pt Chapter: 10 Standard: F.LE.2 DOK: 3

Silly City has a population of 95,000 in 2003. The population increases by 2.3% annually from the previous year's population. Write a function that models the population of Silly City. Then use this function to predict the population of Silly City in 2020.