LEAP 2025 Math Grade 6 Pre Test

LEAP 2025 Math Grade 6 Pre Test Sample


Multiply 25.4 × 9.45

Enter your answer in the box.

1 pt

These five rational numbers are plotted on a horizontal number line.

-12  23  -15  34  -54

Which statement about the locations of the rational numbers on the number line is true?

1 pt

Which point on the number line represents –1.2?

1 pt

Two of the vertices of a rectangle are plotted on the coordinate grid below.

Which ordered pairs could be the other two vertices of the rectangle?


Calvin’s elementary school performed a talent show and had a bake sale for a school fundraiser. The baking items were all the same price. The show was on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Shown below are two tables showing the collection of money from the fundraiser.

Part A Write an equation used to find y, the amount of money collected for selling x bake sale items.

Put your answer in the box.