LEAP 2025 Math Grade 7 Chapter 5

LEAP 2025 Math Grade 7 Chapter 5 Sample

1 pt

Warren deposits $4.00 of his allowance each week in a savings account. He receives $16.00 each week if he completes his chores on the farm. What percent does Warren save?

1 pt

Liz is collecting all 24 dolls in a special collection. So far, she has received 18 of the dolls. What percent of the collection does Liz have so far?

1 pt

Fill in the missing blanks

1 pt

Mr. Allen had 8 hamsters in cages in his science class. The next year, Mr. Allen had 10 hamsters. What percent increase in hamsters did Mr. Allen have?

1 pt

What is the sales price on a book that costs $39.98 that is on sale for 40% off, and the sales tax is 5%?