LEAP 2025 Math Grade 7 Chapter 6

LEAP 2025 Math Grade 7 Chapter 6 Sample

1 pt

Gorden collects rocks. He has 35 sedimentary rocks, 25 igneous rocks, 15 metamorphic rocks, and 10 unknown rocks. Which ratio compares Gorden’s sedimentary rocks to his unknown rocks, expressed in simplest form?

1 pt

Clarence is trimming bushes. He can trim 12 of a bush in 15 hour. At what unit rate can Clarence trim bushes?

1 pt

The wholesale club sells 6 pounds of pistachio nuts for $21.00. The grocery store is selling 4 pounds for $13.80. Which place offers the better price per pound?

1 pt

Gum is on sale for $1.50 for 2 packs. You have $12. Write a proportion to show the number of packs of gum you can buy.



A box of greeting cards has 32 cards. 50% are birthday cards, 18.75% are get well cards, 25% are generic cards, and 6.25% are thank you cards. What is the ratio of the total number cards to get well cards? Express your answer in lowest terms.