LEAP 2025 Algebra I Chapter 3

LEAP 2025 Algebra I Chapter 3 Sample

DOK: 1 1 pt

A box has length of 20 inches, the height of 12 inches, and the width of 38 inches. What is the volume of the box using the formula V = lwh?

DOK: 1 1 pt

Select the expression from the following word problem.

Fifteen minus a number, then divided by two equals eleven.

DOK: 2 1 pt

A plumber charges $45 per hour plus a $25.00 service charge. If a represents his total charges in dollars and b represents the number of hours worked, which formula below could the plumber use to calculate his total charges?

DOK: 2 1 pt

Alicia found 3 times as many seashells as Juan, who found 12 as many seashells as Blake. The three friends put all their seashells together and then evenly divided them between two teachers. Which expression below shows the number of seashells, s, received by each teacher?