LEAP 2025 Algebra I Pre Test

LEAP 2025 Algebra I Pre Test Sample

1 pt Standard: A-REI.D.12

Select the inequality shown on the graph below.

1 pt Standard: F-IF.C.7.b

Select the equation that resembles the graph shown below the most.

1 pt Standard: F-IF.B.4

Part A

An arrow is shot into the air. The altitude of the arrow after s seconds is modeled by the function graphed below.

Which of the following statements is true? Select all that apply.

1 pt Standard: F-IF.B.4

Part B

The table models the flight of the arrow.

Which of these statements is true? Select all that apply.

1 pt Standard: F-IF.B.5

A cupcake store makes exactly 500 cupcakes every Monday morning. They sell for $6.00 each. The function C(n) = 6n represents the amount of money the store takes in on Mondays, where n is the number of cupcakes sold. What is the domain of C(n) in this context.

1 pt Standard: F-IF.B.6

The graph shows the path of a basketball free throw where h is the height of the ball when it has moved x feet forward.

What is the approximate rate of change in the height of the basketball as it progresses from 1 to 5 feet forward?

1 pt Standard: S-ID.8

Which correlation coefficient indicates the stronger linear relationship between random variables for a fixed sample size?

1 pt Standard: A-SSE.B.3.a

Consider the function f where fx=x2+6x-16.

Part A

What is the vertex form of the equation?

1 pt Standard: A-SSE.B.3.a

Part B

What is the factored form of f(x)?