LEAP 2025 Algebra I Post Test

LEAP 2025 Algebra I Post Test Sample

1 pt Standard: A-APR.1

Simplify: 3jj+4+3j2+j+5

1 pt Standard: A-REI.D.12

Which graph best represents the solution to this system of inequality?

y ≤ 3x + 2

y > –2x – 3

1 pt Standard: A-CED.4

The volume of a cylinder is given by the equation V=πr2h. Find the formula for the r, the radius.

1 pt Standard: A-REI.C.6

A system of equations is shown.

What is the x-value of the solution to the system of equations? Select your answer.

1 pt Standard: F-IF.B.4

A rocket was shot up into the air. The graph shows the height h of its flight t seconds after it was shot.

Which of these statements are true?

1 pt Standard: F-LE.A.2

Part A

Micah has a brand new boat the he takes out into the ocean that weighs approximately 48,000 pounds before any fuel is added. When fueling his boat, gasoline is pumped into the gas tank at a constant rate of 15 pounds per minute. Let t represent the elapsed time in minutes Let w represent the weight of the boat after t minutes Write an equation for w in terms of t.

1 pt Standard: F-LE.A.2

Part B

Micah's cousin Eric bought the identical boat, and with a full gas tank, the boat weighs 52,000 pounds. Imagine if at the exact same time Micah's boat begins getting filled with fuel (starting with an initially empty tank), that Eric's boat with a full gas tank begins leaking fuel at a constant rate of 10 pounds per minute.

• After how many minutes do both boats weigh the same amount?

• At this time, what is the weight of each boat?

1 pt Standard: A-REI.B.4b

Which of the equations have solutions that are non-real? Select all that apply.