TCAP Success Grade 4 MATH Chapter 8

TCAP Success Grade 4 MATH Chapter 8 Sample

1 pt

Mr. Kenning bought 6 pizzas, each cut into 8 pieces. There are enough for everyone to have 3 pieces, each. How many people are eating the 6 pizzas?

1 pt

Select all the patterns below that are defined as adding 3.

1 pt

Mike sorts his 100 rocks into 5 groups. Each group has the same number of rocks. He gives one group to Lucas. Which equation can be used to find n, the number of rocks Mike has now?

1 pt

Ted has 160 marbles. He has 8 times as many marbles as Bryan. How many marbles do Ted and Bryan have all together?

1 pt

Derek has large rocks and small rocks.

● There are 16 rows of rocks.

● There are 14 rocks in each row.

Derek has the same number of small rocks as large rocks. How many large rocks does Derek have?