TCAP Success Grade 4 MATH Chapter 11

TCAP Success Grade 4 MATH Chapter 11 Sample


Answer all the questions about the checker board shown below. The board measures 16 inches on each side.

Part A.

What is the perimeter? inches

1 pt

Mr. Buckley wants to make a rose garden that will measure 12 feet by 16 feet. How many feet of fencing should Mr. Buckley buy to go around the garden?

1 pt

The perimeter of the rectangle below is 30 inches. What is the area of the rectangle?

1 pt

Greta cut a square from paper that measures 5 inches on each side. She then cut a square that measures 10 inches on each side. What is the difference in the area of the two squares?

1 pt

Which figure below has at least one line of symmetry?