TCAP Success Grade 4 MATH Chapter 12

TCAP Success Grade 4 MATH Chapter 12 Sample

1 pt

Below is a tally chart of adventures a group of 4th graders hope to do one day. Which chart of numbers match the tally chart?

1 pt

Which tally chart represents the data from the list below?

1 pt

How many dozen cookies did the three girls bake in all?

1 pt

The Espinosa family was having a celebration, with 11 family members attending. The line plot shows how much fruit salad each person took at lunch.

Find 2 combinations of 3 servings that will add up to 112 cups of fruit salad.

Part A.

1st Combination: [blank]

1 pt

Use the line graph below to answer question 5.

Which is the correct explanation of how to find the number of tickets sold in February?