TCAP Success Grade 4 MATH Post-test

TCAP Success Grade 4 MATH Post-test Sample

1 pt

Aaron put 14 of a pound of butter on each of 10 tables at the restaurant he works at. Which fraction model is equal to the number of pounds of butter Aaron used for all 10 tables?

1 pt

Ella noticed that 510 of all the dolls on her shelves had black hair. What decimal is equal to the fraction of Ella’s dolls that have black hair?

1 pt

Lawrence practiced his guitar for 34 of an hour on 11 different days. What was the total amount of time Lawrence practiced his guitar on the 11 different days?

1 pt

The rectangular leopard cage at the zoo is being expanded to 570 square meters. The width of the expanded cage is 15 meters. What is the length of the expanded cage?

1 pt

How many degrees are in 14 of a circle?