TCAP Success Grade 6 ELA Chapter 7

TCAP Success Grade 6 ELA Chapter 7 Sample

Spend Your Summer at Camp Lakeshore

1 Summer vacation is right around the corner. Luckily, it’s not too late for you to book a stay at scenic Camp Lakeshore. Whether you are looking for one week, two months, or something in between, Camp Lakeshore can provide the perfect program for you.

Where are we located?

2 Camp Lakeshore sits nestled atop the beautiful Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Lush forests surround the camp on three sides. The remaining side faces a crystal-clear lake. Camp Lakeshore is easy to get to from all major highways.

Who are our campers?

3 They range in age from eight to fourteen. Here at Camp Lakeshore, we are proud to say our campers have come to us from every state in the country. Our typical camper is fair-minded, friendly and fun-loving. He or she emphasizes the positive and allows their curiosity to become a passport to new worlds of interests. Our campers aim for excellence, risk failure, and revel in the talents of their peers.

Who are we?

4 Our campers call us Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary. We founded Camp Lakeshore forty years ago and have never regretted starting or owning this facility. We understand our task is to provide an exciting and enriching experience for our campers while working in a way which ensures parents their campers are safe and secure at Camp Lakeshore.

5 The only thing we enjoy crowing about more than our delightful campers is our stellar staff. They are the shining stars that light the way for our campers. Each staff member undergoes extensive training and receives all necessary certifications. Many of our counselors were once campers themselves. This enables them to have real empathy towards the rare upset camper, having had the same feelings themselves.

What do our campers say?

6 At Camp Lakeshore, we believe our best advertisement is our campers. Read what some of them have to say.

7 "I had never been to sleep-away camp before, so I was really nervous when I arrived at Camp Lakeshore. My counselor understood my feelings and helped me to settle comfortably into my cabin. Between my counselor, the friendly campers, and my busy schedule, I didn’t have time to feel homesick." Adam G. age 9

8 "Camp Lakeshore is awesome. For me, going to camp was like sailing into uncharted waters. I tried so many exciting things you had never experienced before and met people who will be my life-long friends. I can’t wait to return to Camp Lakeshore next summer!" Rachel W. age 11

9 "Adventure Days rock—especially when you go spelunking or rock climbing!" Jason R., age 13

1 pt

Read this sentence from the passage.

"He or she emphasizes the positive and allows their curiosity to become a passport to new worlds of interests."

Why do the pronouns in this sentence not agree in number?

1 pt

Rewrite the sentence in Part A using pronouns that agree in number.

1 pt

Read this sentence from paragraph 3.

"They range in age from eight to fourteen."

Why is the pronoun they considered to be a vague pronoun?

1 pt

Rewrite the sentence in Part A, and change the pronoun they to a noun.

1 pt

Underline the incorrect shift in person that occurs in paragraph 8.