TCAP Success Grade 5 MATH Chapter 2

TCAP Success Grade 5 MATH Chapter 2 Sample


A company manufactures 4,750 skateboards each day. On Wednesday, the entire 4,750 skateboards were sent to 5 different department stores. Each department store chain received the same number of skateboards.

Part A.

How many skate boards went to each department store?

1 pt

Write 2 division problems for the area model shown below.

1 pt

Divide: 3,018 ÷ 12

1 pt

A school cafeteria is preparing lunch that will include baby carrots for 750 of the students at Larson Elementary. The remainder of the students brought their own lunch.

Each pound has 30 baby carrots. A case holds 50 pounds of baby carrots

The school prepares 3 cases of baby carrots. How many baby carrots will each of the 750 students buying a school lunch receive?


Zachary evenly divided 234 crawfish into 18 equal piles for 18 people before they were cooked. If each person receives the same number of crawfish, how many crawfish will each person receive?