TCAP Success Grade 5 MATH Chapter 7

TCAP Success Grade 5 MATH Chapter 7 Sample

1 pt

A farmer hauled in 120 bales of hay. Each of his cows ate 12 of a bale. How many cows did the farmer feed?

1 pt

Which situation can be represented by the fraction 103?

1 pt

Divide: 34÷6

1 pt

A box of 10 fruit flavored ice treats came with 15 cherry flavored. If the box is divided into 2 parts with the same flavors in each part, what fraction of each part is cherry flavored? Express your answer in simplest form.

1 pt

Steven has 12 box of crackers. If he divides the crackers, so he and his 2 brothers receive an equal amount, what fraction of the entire box will each of the brothers receive?