TCAP Success Grade 5 MATH Post-Test

TCAP Success Grade 5 MATH Post-Test Sample

1 pt

What is the value of the digit 5 when 2.5 is multiplied by 102?


What is the sum of 64.8 + 0.25 + 60.11? Enter your answer in the space provided.

1 pt

What is 2.068 rounded to the hundredths place?

1 pt

Emily ate cups of cereal nine different times. Each X on the line plot represent an amount that she ate.

How many cups of cereal did Emily eat?

1 pt

Tammie collected 340 milliliters of rain water on Monday. She collected 1.5 liters of rain water on Tuesday. How many total milliliters of rain water did Tammie collect on Monday and Tuesday?