LEAP 2025 Geometry Chapter 13

LEAP 2025 Geometry Chapter 13 Sample

DOK: 2 1 pt

Brenda has 18 fish in an aquarium. The fish are the following colors: 5 orange, 7 blue, 2 black, and 4 green. Brenda’s trouble-making cat has grabbed a fish. What is the probability the cat grabbed a green fish?

DOK: 2 1 pt

Katie spun a spinner 15 times and recorded her results in a table below. The spinner was divided into 6 sections numbered 1–6. The results of the spins are shown below.

Based on the results, how many times would 4 be expected to appear in 45 spins?

DOK: 2 1 pt

Kyle has 4 different kinds of Halloween candy in a bag. He has 5 chocolate rolls, 6 lollipops, 4 chocolate bars, and 7 peanut butter candies. What kind of candy must Kyle have picked out of the bag if the probability of picking that kind is 211?

DOK: 3 1 pt

The table below shows the actual sum of the rolling of two cubes numbered 1 through 6. The two cubes were rolled 100 times.

Using the information in the table, predict how many times a score of "7" would occur in 150 tries.

DOK: 3 1 pt

At a Little Mario’s Restaurant, typically 53% of customers order an appetizer with their meal, and 21% of customers order both an appetizer and a dessert with their meal. What is the probability that a customer will order a dessert, given that they have already ordered an appetizer?