TCAP Success Grade 6 MATH Pre Test

TCAP Success Grade 6 MATH Pre Test Sample


Small cubes with the edge lengths of inch will be packed into the rectangular prism shown below.

How many small cubes are needed to completely fill the rectangular prism? Enter your answer in the box.


1 pt

Which questions are statistical questions?

1 pt

Justin recorded the temperature outside at 4:00 PM for 9 days straight.

Each day had a different recorded temperature.

The mean temperature was 88°.

The median temperature was 89°.

Based on the information, select all the statements that must be true.

1 pt

What is the value of 18,426 ÷ 32?

1 pt

Mrs. Quinn makes bread using the proportions 5 cups of flour to 1 cup milk. Which statements about the bread mixture are true?