TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Chapter 03

TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Chapter 03 Sample

1 pt DOK: 1

Solve the following expression using y=3.


1 pt DOK: 1

A box has length of 20 inches, the height of 12 inches, and the width of 38 inches. What is the volume of the box using the formula V=lwh?

1 pt DOK: 1

Write the equation from the following word problem.

Sixteen times two plus a number equals seven.

1 pt DOK: 2

A plumber charges $45 per hour plus a $25.00 service charge. If a represents his total charges in dollars and b represents the number of hours worked, which formula below could the plumber use to calculate his total charges?

1 pt DOK: 2

In 2019, Bell Computers informed its sales force to expect a 2.6% price increase on all computer equipment in the year 2020. A certain sales representative wanted to see how much the increase would be on a computer, c, that sold for $2200 in 2019. Which expression below will help him find the cost of the computer in the year 2020?