TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Chapter 04

TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Chapter 04 Sample

1 pt DOK: 1

Janet and Artie want to play tug-of-war. Artie pulls with 200 pounds of force while Janet pulls with 60 pounds of force. In order to make this a fair contest, Janet enlists the help of her friends Trudi, Sherri, and Bridget who pull with 20, 25, and 55 pounds respectively. Write an inequality describing the minimum amount Janet’s fourth friend, Tommy, must pull to beat Artie.

1 pt DOK: 2

Jesse and Larry entered a pie eating contest. Jesse ate 5 less than twice as many pies as Larry. They ate a total of 16 pies. How many pies did Larry eat?

1 pt DOK: 2

The sum of two numbers is fourteen. The sum of six times the smaller number and two equals four less than the product of three and the larger number. Find the two numbers.

1 pt DOK: 1

Alisha climbed a mountain that was 4,760 feet high in 14 hours. What was her average speed per hour?

1 pt DOK: 1

Connie drove for 2 hours at a constant speed of 55 mph. How many total miles did she travel?