TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Chapter 08

TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Chapter 08 Sample

1 pt DOK: 2

What is the solution to the following system of equations?

1 pt DOK: 2

Two lines are shown on the grid. One line passes through the origin and the other passes through (−1, −1) with a y-intercept of 2. Which pair of equations below the grid identifies these lines?

1 pt DOK: 2

For the following pair of equations, find the point of intersection (common solution) using the substitution method.

1 pt DOK: 3

Two numbers have a sum of 210 and a difference of 30. What are the two numbers?

1 pt DOK: 2

Graph the following systems of inequalities on your own graph paper. Shade and identify the solution set for both inequalities. Select the matching answer.