TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Post Test

TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Post Test Sample

1 pt Standard: A1.A.SSE.A.1b DOK: 2

Jeff was playing on the roof of his apartment building. He threw a ball up into the air with a beginning speed of 15 meters per second. After t seconds, the height of the ball is given by the expression -5t2+18t+60.

What is the meaning of 60 in the expression?

1 pt Standard: A1.F.IF.C.7a DOK: 2

What is the factored form of fx?

The table below shows the relationship between the number of sides (n) of a regular polygon and the sum of the measure of the internal angles (S) of the polygon.

1 pt Standard: A1.A.REI.C.4 DOK: 3

What is the maximum number of VIP tickets Stephanie can sell to not exceed 25 total tickets, but raise at least $800?

1 pt Standard: A1.A.REI.D.5 DOK: 2

Which is the graph of y=2x-1?