TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Pre Test

TCAP Success Algebra 1 EOC Pre Test Sample

1 pt Standard: A1.F.LE.B.4 DOK: 2

The equation for the speed of a ball that is thrown straight up in the air is given by v=46-32t where v is the velocity (feet per second) and t is the number of seconds after the ball is thrown. What does the y-intercept represent in this context?

1 pt Standard: A1.A.SSE.B.3c DOK: 2

David works for a computer software company. His first month on the job he had $8,000 in software sales. His sales manager told him he would get a bonus if he increased his sales by 3% in the next month. If his sales manager keeps increasing his goal by 3% per month, how could David figure how much he would need to sell 6 months from now and n months after that?

1 pt Standard: A1.A.REI.D.7

Which system of inequalities is modeled below?

1 pt Standard: A1.F.IF.C.7a DOK: 2

Select the graph of fx=-3x-4+2.

1 pt Standard: A1.F.IF.C.6a DOK: 2

What graph shows a line that has a slope of −1 and a y-intercept of (0, 1)?