TCAP Success Grade 6 MATH Chapter 11

TCAP Success Grade 6 MATH Chapter 11 Sample

1 pt

Warren deposits $4.00 of his allowance each week in a savings account. He receives $16.00 each week if he completes his chores on the farm. What percentage does Warren save?

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Breona had 4 batches of cookies she brought to a slumber party. When the girls were done eating, there was 1 batch of cookies left. What percentage of cookies did the girls at the slumber party eat?

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A hat costs $17.00 and is on sale for 30% off. How much will be saved?


A family of four went out for dinner. The bill before tax was $43. A sales tax of 6% was added, then a tip of 20% of the total of the bill plus sales tax was added. What was the total cost for dinner?


1 pt

The fraction 58 can be expressed as (choose all that apply):