TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Pre-Test

TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Pre-Test Sample


Evaluate the expression -3212-338.

Enter your answer as a decimal in the box.

1 pt

Jan makes 34 of a batch of cookies using one 12 oz. bag of chocolate chips. At this rate, how many ounces of chocolate chips will Jan use to make a whole batch of cookies?

1 pt

Brad works for the electric company and is digging a hole to set a new pole. So far he has dug 14 of the hole in 13 of an hour. If he continues to dig at the same rate, how many minutes will it take him to dig the entire hole?

1 pt

Alexis chose a random sample of 10 quart jars of dill pickles from each of two different brands, A and B. Each jar in the sample was the same size. She counted the number of pickles in each jar. Her results are shown in the plots

Based on the plots, which statement best compares the number of pickles in the jars from the two brands?

1 pt

Maria is in charge of the floating duck game at the pre-school fair this year. She put 11 floating ducks in a large pan. On the bottom of each duck is a picture of the prize you won.

3 ducks have a rubber ball picture

2 ducks have an apple picture

2 ducks have an airplane picture

3 ducks have a little stuffed dog picture

1 duck has a large teddy bear picture

You want to play the game twice and have to put the first duck back before your second turn. What is the probability that you would win the teddy bear on your second try?