TCAP Success Grade 7 ELA Chapter 2

TCAP Success Grade 7 ELA Chapter 2 Sample

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Becca bobbed up and down on her toes, squinting into the approaching herd of cars. She paced back and forth on the sidewalk. She checked her bag, again, to make sure she’d remembered her violin. She put her hand on it and didn’t let go, remembering being grounded for forgetting it last Friday. While keeping an eye on the cars coming over the hill, she searched her bag for her social studies test.

Her face flashed pink as she couldn’t find it. Her hands scrambled as she saw her mother’s car pulling to a stop inches away. Becca found her test. She bounded into the back seat, hoping her A+ would be her ticket out of the house and to the mall with her friends on Saturday.

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Which of the following best describes what motivates Becca’s anxiety and her desire to please her mother?

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Becca would be considered the


The author reveals Becca’s character through

Excerpt from White Fang by Jack London

1 While Perrault packed the camp outfit and loaded the sled, the dog-driver proceeded to harness the dogs. Buck trotted up to the place Spitz would have occupied as leader; but Francois, not noticing him, brought Sol-leks to the coveted position. In his judgment, Sol-leks was the best lead-dog left. Buck sprang upon Sol-leks in a fury, driving him back and standing in his place.

2 "Eh? eh?» Francois cried, slapping his thighs gleefully. «Look at dat Buck. Heem keel dat Spitz, heem t’ink to take de job."

3 "Go ‹way, Chook!» he cried, but Buck refused to budge.

4 He took Buck by the scruff of the neck, and though the dog growled threateningly, dragged him to one side and replaced Sol-leks. The old dog did not like it, and showed plainly that he was afraid of Buck. Francois was obdurate, but when he turned his back Buck again displaced Sol-leks, who was not at all unwilling to go.

5 Francois was angry. «Now, by Gar, I feex you!" he cried, coming back with a heavy club in his hand.

6 Buck remembered the man in the red sweater, and retreated slowly; nor did he attempt to charge in when Sol-leks was once more brought forward. But he circled just beyond the range of the club, snarling with bitterness and rage; and while he circled he watched the club so as to dodge it if thrown by Francois, for he was become wise in the way of clubs. The driver went about his work, and he called to Buck when he was ready to put him in his old place in front of Dave. Buck retreated two or three steps. Francois followed him up, whereupon he again retreated. After some time of this, Francois threw down the club, thinking that Buck feared a thrashing. But Buck was in open revolt. He wanted, not to escape a clubbing, but to have the leadership. It was his by right. He had earned it, and he would not be content with less.

7 Perrault took a hand. Between them they ran him about for the better part of an hour. They threw clubs at him. He dodged. They cursed him, and his fathers and mothers before him, and all his seed to come after him down to the remotest generation, and every hair on his body and drop of blood in his veins; and he answered curse with snarl and kept out of their reach. He did not try to run away, but retreated around and around the camp, advertising plainly that when his desire was met, he would come in and be good.

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What is the main conflict of this passage?