TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Chapter 6

TCAP Success Grade 7 MATH Chapter 6 Sample

1 pt

Gorden collects rocks. He has 35 sedimentary rocks, 25 igneous rocks, 15 metamorphic rocks, and 10 unknown rocks. Which ratio compares Gorden’s sedimentary rocks to his unknown rocks, expressed in simplest form?

1 pt

Clarence is trimming bushes. He can trim 12 of a bush in 15 hour. At what unit rate can Clarence trim bushes?

1 pt

A bag has 24 marbles. 37.5% are red marbles, 41.7% are green marbles, 12.5% are yellow marbles, and 8.3% are pink marbles. What is the ratio of the total number of marbles to yellow marbles? Express your answer in simplest terms.

1 pt

In a dirt and sand mixture there are 30 grams of dirt per 100 grams of mixture. Which proportion could be used to find how much dirt is in a mixture of the same concentration that is 160 grams of mixture?

1 pt

In a cookie jar there are 12 chocolate chip cookies, 3 peanut butter cookies, and 9 coconut cookies. In the neighbor’s house there is a cookie jar that has the same proportion of cookies of the same kinds. If this cookie jar has 12 peanut butter cookies, how many chocolate chip cookies does the neighbor’s cookie jar contain?